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The Ergo Flex™ Deluxe 3rd generation HD visco-elastic memory foam mattress

The Ergo Flex™ deluxe 3rd generation HD visco-elastic memory foam mattress is a high quality pressure-relieving mattress that provides supreme body moulding support and a great night's sleep. Created with a complex layered composition containing high quality memory foam, a 'cool sleep' air flow layer and supportive base layer, the Ergo Flex™ is a premium memory foam mattress that delivers a sublimely comfortable sleeping experience night after night.

Why choose an Ergo Flex™ memory foam mattress?

  • 3rd generation high density pressure-reducing memory foam, provides effective support to the whole body
  • Ideal for back and neck pain sufferers
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Comparable performance to the market leader at a value price
  • Cool sleep layer for temperature regulation
  • Hygienic and hypo-allergenic treatment for lasting freshness

RRP $2,798         OUR PRICE $1,598         SALE PRICE $798
Queensize memory foam mattress

US Standard Queensize Memory Foam Mattress - Queen 60" x 80"

Deluxe 3rd Generation HD Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Matress
Deluxe 3rd Generation HD Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Matress Deluxe 3rd Generation HD Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Matress

RRP $2,798         OUR PRICE $1,598         SALE PRICE $798

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Benefits of the Ergo Flex™ sleep system

  • High Density orthopedic pressure-reducing mattress originally developed by Nasa - conforms to your body shape alleviating pressure points and aiding sleep
  • Excellent health benefits - helps alleviate and prevent back and neck pain - used in hospitals throughout Europe
  • Unique 5 layer system incorporating the new Ergo Flex™ 'cool sleep' airflow technology
  • Deluxe High Density 85kg/m3 open cell visco-elastic memory foam
  • High Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) rating comparable with Tempur Pedic™ mattress alternative
  • Compliant with BS 5852 & BS 7177 safety standards
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Excellent for sufferers of Fibromyalgia, circulation problems, and aching back, neck, hip or knee joint complaints
  • Recommended to provide comfort to sufferers of arthritis, spurs, lumbago and bed sores.

The composition of the Ergo Flex™ memory foam mattress has been designed with billions of spherical shaped open cells. These cells are designed to respond to body temperature and pressure points. They shift their form under the weight of your body, shaping to the contours and giving support where it's needed most. As well as its temperature-sensitive qualities, the mattresses open cell structure allows air to circulate through the material, keeping you cooler than a standard sprung mattress. Combined with the unique 'cool-sleep' air-flow system found in every Ergo Flex™ memory foam mattress, you can be sure of a comfortable night.

The Ergo Flex™ 5 layer comfort sleep system comprises

  1. Luxurious Jacquard Velour outer cover - removable and washable.
  2. Protective inner mattress cover
  3. 9cm deep High Density 3rd generation 85kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam - medium firmness
  4. 4cm deep Ergo Flex™ smart cool-sleep airflow system
  5. 9cm deep High density supportive base foam layer

RRP $2,798         OUR PRICE $1,598         SALE PRICE $798