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How and why is the Ergoflex mattress so competitively priced?

In the UK we are currently an internet only business. This enables us to sell our mattresses directly to the customer at the lowest possible prices. At present we also only sell one type and style of memory foam mattress in the UK, again ensuring we are as commercially efficient as possible and can guarantee the lowest possible retail prices. The current depth, density, firmness rating, layering and overall composition of the Ergoflex UK mattress is however what we believe to be the optimum performing mix of materials for the mass market.
Things may change in the next 6 - 12 months when we start to license stock in the retail channel. This will give customers the opportunity to spec their mattresses bespokely and try the Ergoflex mattress out in the shops. However the advent of this and other consumer benefits such as interest free credit purchase plans and 60 day home trials will unfortunately be reflected in substantially higher prices to maintain commercial viability.