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Bedbugs prefer unmade beds! - research

New research has found that the effects of making your bed can help attract bedbugs by optimising the conditions in which they live and breed – so can being untidy in the morning really have health benefits? Bedbugs live on dead skin cells and sweat that comes off your body when asleep, and their adverse health effects are well-known in the medical world. Flattened sheets and duvets, as well as open pocket-sprung bed structures, provide the perfect habitation for bedbugs – so much so that an average bed could house up to 1.5m of them.

The crux of this research is the fact that bedbugs can’t thrive in a well-aired environment, as the temperature and settling of skin cells is not to their liking. As some £700m a year is spent treating bedbugs-related illnesses alone, we’re sure that this is something worth some attention.

If not making your bed doesn’t sound like something you’d like to start doing regularly, why not make your bed as inhospitable as possible to bedbugs with an Ergoflex™ memory foam mattress? Every Ergoflex mattress comes with the ‘Cool-Sleep’® Airflow System and of course a layered memory foam composition – providing one of the most hygienic sleeping environments available.