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The best way to prevent bedbugs

Bedbugs – the nocturnal insect scourge often thought to be exclusive to run-down motels the world over, are actually more common than you’d perhaps like to believe. Mattresses, as expected, are the habitat preferred by bedbugs, whether in the seams, springs or elsewhere within the structure. The darkness and temperature offered by mattresses provide the perfect breeding – and feeding – environments for bedbugs.


Reactions to sleeping on a mattress that has bedbugs vary from person to person, but common occurrences include bite spots and allergic reactions, with particular problems suffered by asthmatics. In short, bedbugs are not good news for your health or hygiene.


The layered composition of the Ergo Flex™ memory foam mattress helps to prevent bedbugs ever occurring, as there are no hollow areas as in pocket sprung mattresses for them to inhabit.