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Memory foam mattress lifespan and care

Most good memory foam mattresses from reputable dealers will come with a long guarantee, Ergo Flex mattresses for instance come with a *10 year guarantee. But over that time, some natural sagging will occur. This is normal and to be expected. To help prolong the lifespan of your memory foam mattress follow the guidelines below.

Ergo Flex mattresses have three main component layers - the high density base foam, ‘cool sleep’ airflow system and the memory foam, so obviously flipping the mattress as you would with a sprung mattress is not necessary. Instead rotate it from head to toe every few months.

When you receive your Ergo Flex mattress, it will be vacuum packed and rolled up inside a cardboard box. Discard the box and carefully unroll your mattress. When opening your vacuum sealed mattress, take extreme care not to damage the mattress. You will probably need to use a sharp object to cut into the vacuum packaging - just be very careful you do not cut, nick or damage the mattress in any way.

Once you have opened the vacuum packaging, you will observe that the mattress is around only 3” deep. During the vacuum packing process, the mattress has all the air sucked out of it until it is the size you receive it at. This makes the delivery of the mattress to our customers simpler and more cost effective. Over the next 4 - 6 hours the mattress will 'inflate' to its true dimensions. You should be aware that once you undo the vacuum sealing, the mattress will also get a lot harder to move around - you will probably want to undo the packaging in the same room the mattress will be used in.