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What should I look for when buying a memory foam mattress?

There are many factors that can influence what kind of mattress you buy, from the basic practicalities of bedroom size, bed base size, and budget, to the memory foam specific ones like how do you measure how firm the mattress is?

Let's cover the basics first. It is good advice to buy as big a mattress as you can afford or as space will allow. You will spend a large percentage of your life lying on your mattress - you should try and make sure it is as comfortable and spacious as possible.
For memory foam mattresses, there are several figures that can help give you a basic impression of the overall quality and comfort levels, but these are still only a guideline. You must also consider the dimensions of the memory foam mattress, and the composition of its layers and its overall construction.

The main thing to concern yourself with is the depth of the mattress and what percentage of that is a memory foam layer. Our mattresses for instance are 21cm thick overall, with 9cm of memory foam. We find that that is the optimum amount of memory foam to offer complete support. Some 8" mattresses will have only 2" of memory foam or sometimes less, which we find isn't really enough. This is the same reason we don't stock mattress toppers, we find that whilst they give a good impression of memory foam, they are too thin to offer the genuine support that should come from a good memory foam mattress.
Next, you will want to know about the various technical measurements you can measure your memory foam mattress by.